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IRS tax problems with a business are typically more severe than individual tax problems, as it impacts not only the business itself, but the financial well-being of the ownership, employees, and their families.  If you are a Kent County area business owner of any size facing IRS problems, whether tax filing delinquencies, payroll debt, etc, it's quite common to feel panicked. However, business tax problems are extremely common, as they can arise from a few simple, honest oversights. Don't think for a second that your business tax problems are permanent, or there isn't relief in sight. Our team of business tax attorneys and tax accountants are equipped to get your business back on track!

Every day, Pure Tax Resolution goes to work for our Grand Rapids business clients, to deliver the best possible IRS business help to keep Michigan businesses tax compliant, and profitable. Our firm consists of expert business tax attorneys, tax accountants, and bookkeeping professionals that work together to tackle, and resolve any kind of business tax problem. We invite all Grand Rapids area business owners to contact us today for a FREE consultation so we can explore your options for professional business tax help.

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Expert Business Tax help for Grand Rapids Businesses

Payroll Tax Relief

Payroll taxes can get tricky for businesses with many employees, W2 or contractor.  When payroll tax problems arise, it can stem from withholding taxes here and there to pay expenses, or just a few simple oversight in your payroll calculations. Either way, the IRS takes payroll compliance very seriously and will penalize any business severely, just like a citizen taxpayer with back taxes. As a result, it's crucial to consult professional payroll tax help. Our tax attorneys, accountants, and bookkeepers specialize in helping Grand Rapids businesses rectify payroll tax issues, and maintain healthy compliance moving forward.


Correcting Overstated Tax Deductions

Deducting business expenses is a vital benefit for any Michigan business looking to save money on their tax bill. You should want to squeeze every drop of deductions you can out of your expenses, but there is a fine line between being compliant, and being too greedy with deductions. Every day, the IRS and State Treasury flag tax returns and issue audits against businesses suspected of overstating tax deductions. As you can imagine, it can lead to harsh penalties for a business. If you are experiencing issues with tax deductions and the IRS is questioning your tax returns, our team of tax filing professionals can evaluate your tax returns and help you properly identify and file tax deductions.


Properly Classifying Workers

The U.S. tax codes have strict regulations on how a company classifies its employees and workers, which mainly depends on how many hours/week the worker invests in the company. There are advantages for a business to abuse these laws, and as usual, there are consequences for any business in violation. Let us help you properly classify your workers so you stay off the IRS' radar.


Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Management

It goes without saying that any successful business has a legitimate accounting and bookkeeping program in place, and it has alot to do with the accounting and bookkeeping professionals involved.  At our firm, we take pride in having a professional team of accountants and bookkeeping experts that help Michigan business owners maintain healthy financials, tax filing and payroll. 


Full-Service Business Tax Help for Grand Rapids Businesses

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