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Licensed tax lawyers delivering professional tax debt assistance for Kent County individuals and businesses

Firefighters to building infernos are what tax attorneys are to tax problems.  When facing serious IRS or State tax debt, it's crucial to consult a seasoned tax attorney in order to ensure your best interests are at the forefront, and you are equipped to extinguish your tax problems for good.  With so much on the line for you, your family, or your business, don't mess around with these faceless tax attorney marketers on the TV, radio, and internet, make sure you consult with a local tax attorney professional in Kent County. 

Pure Tax Resolution of Grand Rapids is a Michigan-grown tax resolution firm that gets results for our clients.  Our in-house team of domestic, and business tax lawyers are the backbone of every tax resolution case we acquire.  From domestic (individual), business, or international tax delinquency problems, our tax attorneys take on the IRS and State treasury every day, to represent the best interests for Grand Rapids taxpayers.  Our expert knowledge of the local and federal tax codes, along with our comprehensive IRS negotiation skills give our clients a unique advantage in tackling the most complicated tax problem!

IRS tax attorney Grand Rapids, MI

Maddi Benedict - Tax Attorney

Solutions For Your Tax Problems

Domestic Tax Attorneys

Defined as tax resolution for individuals in Grand Rapids and Kent County. If you are an individual with back tax returns, back taxes, penalties, or IRS collections of any kind, our tax attorneys will represent you and find the best possible tax settlement.


Business Tax Attorneys

For any business tax problem Kent County business owners may be facing, it's important to have a business tax lawyer on your side to protect your business' future. From settling payroll tax debt, audits, tax filing problems, or any other business tax issue, we have you covered.


International Tax Attorneys

Our team of international tax attorneys help Grand Rapids residents maintain healthy offshore tax compliance. Whether you own offshore bank accounts, investments, business entities, or real estate, our international tax advisors help you maintain compliance with FATCA and FBAR reporting regulations.

The Pure Tax Attorney Advantages

Exclusive Communication Privileges

Do you think you, or even an Accountant or CPA could pick up the phone and call the IRS and negotiate your tax settlement?  Even if you wanted to, the IRS only allows licensed tax attorneys or enrolled agents to communicate with the proper IRS channels. With this exclusive communication privilege, we have the power to represent our Grand Rapids clients in front of the highest IRS officials.


Tax Law Knowledge

Our tax attorney professionals have spent years of schooling and real-life training to obtain advanced knowledge of the ever-changing US and state tax codes.  It's our job and professional obligation as ABA certified attorneys to have an advanced understanding of the tax laws, which we exercise in favor of our Grand Rapids clients every day.


Transparency & Customer Service

As employees of Pure Tax Resolution, our team of licensed tax attorneys reflect our company's philosophy every day, for every client. That is superior customer service, transparency, and trust.  It's what separates us from every other tax attorney and tax relief marketer in the industry.


Flat-Rate Fees & No Hidden Costs

When you hire our tax attorneys to resolve your tax problems, you are not only getting tax attorney help you can trust, but we make sure your fees are as transparent as possible. For the convenience of every client, we offer our tax resolution retainers as flat-rate, up-front contracts, so you know what you are investing for your tax settlement.

Our Tax Attorneys Are At Your Service

Contact our office today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb for a free consultation. We offer flat-rate pricing, 24-hour availability for clients, and superior customer service.

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