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If you are a Grand Rapids area taxpayer facing IRS back taxes of any kind, you have an important decision to make.  First step is to stand up, put your foot down and make today the day you take action to settle your back tax debt. what now? You may always hear about the "1-800" tax relief gimmicks all over the radio, TV, and internet..but when it's your financial future on the line, can you really invest your money, trust, and future with these faceless marketing companies?  You deserve a professional IRS back tax settlement company in the local area that you can rely on to handle your tax problems properly and efficiently.

Pure Tax Resolution, a Michigan back tax relief company serving all of Kent County, is your professional solution for expert, customer-friendly IRS back taxes help in Grand Rapids.  The IRS doesn't play games when it comes to collecting what is owed to them, so you shouldn't either.  When you retain our expert team of licensed tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accounting professionals, you aren't being farmed out to the highest bidder, instead you are getting the attention of true professionals that are direct employees of our company.  If you are looking for results, transparency, and superior customer service, we invite you to contact for a free consultation to learn more about the proven back tax settlement options we can secure for you!

IRS back taxes help Grand Rapids

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Your Options for IRS Back Tax Settlement

Depending on the nature of your tax debt and financial situation, we will pursue an effective IRS back tax settlement plan that will settle your tax problem for good

Monthly Installment Plan

We can most likely set up a convenient payment plan where you pay set payments per month to the IRS.  It may sound straight forward, but before any back tax settlement plan is authorized by the IRS, there is substantial paperwork that needs to be prepared and filed, along with certain conditions to be met to qualify.  Our licensed tax professionals will evaluate your financial situation and lay out every detail of your installment plan options, and help you secure it.


Officer In Compromise (OIC) Plan

For Grand Rapids taxpayers with significant amount of tax debt, the IRS may grant you privilege to an OIC, or Offer In Compromise. In summation, the IRS will agree to accept less than you owe in order to reach a faster settlement (through monthly installment payments). Just like any other settlement option, you must meet certain financial conditions that only a licensed tax attorney or enrolled agent can help you qualify for.


Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Determination

A CNC program is typically reserved for Grand Rapids taxpayers with significant financial hardship, where they can't afford to fulfill basic living expenses and pay off their tax debt, and the IRS agrees to suspend your back tax obligation indefinitely. In these scenarios, there are very specific conditions that must be met, plus you need an expert tax attorney that knows how to prepare, and apply for this program.  


Learn More About Our IRS Back Tax Settlement Programs for Grand Rapids Taxpayers

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