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IRS audit help and representation is one of our most exercised services at our office, as many Grand Rapids area individuals and businesses find themselves facing audits of some shape or form. If you are a Kent County individual or business being subjected to a tax audit, you should absolutely consult professional IRS tax audit help today. Although the majority of audits stem from random selection and are mainly harmless, they can evolve into more serious issues if not handled by a tax audit professional, like an IRS audit attorney or enrolled agent. For more serious violations (purposeful tax violations), the IRS will engage in more intrusive audits, like field audits, where they visit you at your home or place of business to conduct the audit. 

Having helped local taxpayers prepare for, settle, and avoid tax audits since 2008, we can't stress enough how important it is to have a tax professional on your side before engaging in an audit. Many audit victims feel embarrassed or are fearful to entrust their tax audit to a company they don't know. At Pure Tax Resolution, our firm was founded on offering trustworthy, and professional tax help to Grand Rapids taxpayers, a benefit that can't be found with the countless "1-800" tax resolution gimmicks all over the media. As a Michigan-grown tax resolution firm that consists of in-house, licensed tax professionals, we offer a unique experience for our clients.  If you are a Kent County taxpayer, individual or business, facing a tax audit of any kind, we invite you to reach out to us today so we can earn your business, trust, and settle your tax problems for good!

IRS tax audit help Grand Rapids

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Professional IRS Tax Audit Help in Grand Rapids

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