IRS Wage Garnishment Relief for Grand Rapids Taxpayers

Licensed wage garnishment attorneys helping Kent County taxpayers stop IRS wage garnishment and collections

At Pure Tax Resolution, we work with clients across Michigan to not only resolve tax debt, but to educate them on healthy practices in order to prevent the worst brand of tax problem, IRS collections.  Every day, the IRS issues wage garnishments and other collections against taxpayers across Michigan, and the country.  When you are facing a wage garnishment or levy, it means that you have ignored your tax delinquency for too long and you are losing a huge privilege, confidentiality and privacy. When the IRS decides to exercise a collection against you, your wages and/or bank account will be compromised and made public to your employer and/or bank. So is there anything you can do?

At Pure Tax Resolution, our team of licensed wage garnishment attorneys can help you today.  As licensed IRS practitioners through the ABA, our attorneys and enrolled agents have exclusive privileges to contact the highest IRS authorities and negotiate a prompt stop to your wage garnishment. But, in order for that to happen you must be prepared to make the sacrifices need to settle your outstanding tax debt. If you are a Grand Rapids area taxpayer facing an IRS collection of any kind, we invite you contact us to learn more about your options for wage garnishment relief.


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Understanding Wage Garnishment & How To Stop It

Intent To Levy

So let's shed some light on the nature of IRS collections so you understand how they evolve and materialize.  First off, the IRS will never call you demanding payment or any other threats, these phone calls are a scam, always hang up. You will always get an official letter in the mail, called an Intent To Levy notice.  This notice lays out the threat of impending garnishments or levies, and will give you ample time (usually 30 days) to establish a tax settlement plan so you can avoid the collection.


How To Pursue Wage Garnishment Relief

Getting out of wage garnishment after it strikes requires the help of a licensed wage garnishment attorney.  You will have a professional in your corner that knows how to get ahold of the proper IRS channels, and pull the right strings to put a hold on your collection. This process includes having a legitimate plan set in place that proves to the IRS you are on track to settling your tax debt.  Our team of consists of not only seasoned tax attorneys that specialize in wage garnishment relief, but also accounting professionals that can rectify your tax filing problems to bring you back into compliance. 



Take Action Today To Stop IRS Wage Garnishment & Levys

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