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Our team of tax accounting and bookkeeping experts help Grand Rapids individuals and businesses maintain healthy tax filing and bookkeeping

As a Michigan-grown business ourselves, we understand the challenges and responsibilities involved with growing a successful business in Grand Rapids. What separates us from your every-day CPA and accounting firm is the long-term partnership we offer our Kent County clients. Our goal at Pure Tax is to help you and your business maintain healthy tax filing and bookkeeping, with an ultimate goal to remain tax compliant and avoid IRS tax problems.

Founded in 2008 by Tim Halcomb, our firm is comprised of an expert team of CPAs, tax attorneys, and business consultants, who are able to provide a full suite of comprehensive tax and accounting solutions to Grand Rapids area individuals and businesses. Our services include tax filing for individuals with delinquent or misfiled tax returns, and all inclusive payroll and bookkeeping services for Grand Rapids business owners. If you would prefer to have us handle only certain aspects of your tax and accounting, we'll cater our services to fit your needs and budget. To construct a plan that fully suits your needs, contact us today for a free consultation. We look forward to helping you and/or your business maintain healthy tax compliance!

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Terry Reno - Senior Accountant

Complete Tax Accounting Services for Your Business

Our business tax and accounting services are a perfect fit for Kent County startups, small, medium, and large businesses. No matter the size of your business, we can personalize an accounting and tax management plan suited to your needs and budget:

  • Monthly Bookkeeping - We manage your daily cash-flow and expenses, and provide monthly financial profit-loss statements
  • Payroll Management - Full-service payroll management, including submitting payroll and paying payroll taxes
  • Cash-Flow Management - Let's keep track of every dime that comes in, and goes out. We consult with you to make sure every dime you spend will benefit your business
  • Year-Round Tax Prep & Filing - Our Accountants and CPAs handle all your quarterly estimates and year-end tax return filing
  • Tax Problem Representation - We take tax problems very seriously and can handle all tax issues from A to Z. In any event a problem arises from tax delinquency or tax return errors, our team of Michigan tax attorneys and enrolled agents will represent you with the IRS or State of Michigan to resolve your tax problems before they become a serious problem (Learn More About Our Tax Resolution Services)
  • International Tax Consulting - Have offshore assets?  Are you involved with international employment or business matters?  From helping you stay compliant with FBAR and FATCA regulations, to preparing your international tax filing, we offer full-service international tax services for you or your business
  • Affordable, Flat-Rate Fees - We work with you to construct a personalized package for an affordable, flat monthly fee. We are at your service when you need us, and our services grow as you grow

Back Tax Filing for Individuals

One of the most important roles our Pure Tax accountants have at our firm is helping our clients with back tax problems rectify any misfiled or unfiled tax returns.  In any given tax resolution case, there can be multiple years of delinquent tax returns that contribute to a tax problem, this is where having an expert team of tax accounting professionals is crucial.  Every day, our team of accountants team up to help our Grand Rapids clients rectify their back tax filing issues, and bring them into compliance, which is the first step in pursuing a tax settlement with the IRS. We have your back Grand Rapids!

Professional Tax Accounting For Grand Rapids Taxpayers

Contact our office today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb for a free consultation. We offer flat-rate pricing, 24-hour availability for clients, and superior customer service.

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