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As a full-service tax resolution company in the Grand Rapids area, we want to help local taxpayers better understand the nature of IRS or State tax problems, and how a tax resolution expert can provide help with IRS tax problems.  So what is tax resolution?  Simply put, it is the measures or actions taken by a tax professional to resolve a tax problem, whether individual, business, or international.  Since the nature and origin of any given tax delinquency varies from situation to situation, it's absolutely crucial to hire a professional tax resolution specialist that has the knowledge and privileges to resolve a tax debt problem from A to Z. 

That is where our in-house team of licensed tax professionals step up for our Grand Rapids clients.  Any given tax resolution case will require special correspondence with the IRS or State Treasury, and a significant amount of tax filing corrections.  Our team of licensed tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and tax accounting professionals are able to team up to cover all bases for your tax resolution case. Many local CPAs or accountants may claim to provide tax resolution, but when it comes to negotiating with the IRS and exercising the U.S. tax codes in your favor, they lack that ability. Don't trust your family's or your business's future in the hands of an amatuer, our licensed tax resolution team is ready to speak with you today to find an effective tax settlement option that gets the job done!

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The Tax Resolution Services We Exercise For Our Clients

IRS Tax Attorney Representation

Facing serious tax problems is stressful, but having a licensed tax attorney represent you to settle your tax debt will give you piece of mind. Every day, our team of Grand Rapids tax attorneys and enrolled agents take on the IRS for our clients, by exercising their exclusive communication and negotiation privileges to find the best possible tax settlement. Don't put your tax debt case in the hands of an amatuer, our tax attorneys will be in your corner from start to finish to help you find relief from the IRS.

Back Tax Settlement Programs

If you are a Grand Rapids or Kent County taxpayer facing tax debt, recent or long-term...the time is NOW to act on it. The longer you ignore your back tax debt, the more debt (interest and penalties) you will accumulate, and the increased risk of facing an IRS collection. At Pure Tax Resolution, we help Michigan taxpayers every day achieve convenient and affordable IRS back tax settlement plans, like Offer In Compromise, Currently Non Collectible, and other attractive programs that can reduce your overall tax debt, and settle your delinquent taxes without your assets and wages being threatened!

Filing Back Tax Returns

A big part of resolving complicated back tax issues for Grand Rapids individuals is rectifying incorrect, or unfiled tax returns.  Problems with your tax filing is usually the main reason back tax problems arise. The good news is, our team of tax accounting experts can correctly file any back tax returns, or misfiled returns you have. By bringing your tax returns into compliance, the IRS will usually work in your favor to reduce and settle your tax debt problems.

Wage Garnishment Relief (IRS Collections)

Even though most folks take action before this happens, the reality is that many Grand Rapids taxpayers encounter an IRS collection at some point in time.  In the case of a wage garnishment or levy, you will get an Intent To Levy notice in the mail. Depending on how, and when, you act on it will determine how damaging the collection will be.  To stop wage garnishment (just like any other tax debt problem) it's crucial to hire a licensed tax expert like our Grand Rapids wage garnishment attorneys to stop the collection in its tracks, and find a solution to settle your outstanding tax debt ASAP.

Tax Audit Representation & Settlement

Tax filing errors happen for Grand Rapids taxpayers, whether for an individual tax return, or business. It's up to the IRS, however, to determine if these errors were purposeful or not.  If the IRS suspects that an individual or business entity is willingly committing fraud on their tax returns, they will audit the respective tax returns and all those involved. But in most cases, an audit is relatively harmless where the IRS conducts them as a random search precaution (similar to TSA checkpoints). Either way, properly settling an audit and avoiding penalties by the IRS beings with our help. As licensed tax audit representation experts, we can help you navigate the audit, and avoid them from evolving into more serious issues.

Tax Penalty Abatement

Just like with back tax debt, there are options available to reduce and settle tax penalties through negotiating the proper channels with the IRS.  Since penalties and interest accumulate over time, it's important to pursue tax penalty abatement (tax penalty resolution) ASAP. Just like the back tax settlement programs our tax attorneys pursue for our Grand Rapids clients, we can contact the IRS on your behalf to find a tax penalty abatement solution to settle your tax penalties and interest.

International Tax Help

Many Michigan residents in Kent County may own, or inherit offshore assets like bank accounts, business entities, real estate, or investments.  There's nothing wrong with wanting to pursue financial success outside of U.S. borders, but you must make sure you are complying with FBAR and FATCA regulations.  To help navigate the choppy waters of international tax regulations, our team of international tax attorneys can help you stay compliant, and avoid penalties from the IRS from filing delinquencies. 

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